At Patterson & Associates, we are tax preparation advisors. For over 4 decades, we have been serving individuals of Philadelphia and South Jersey with personal and business tax returns, as well as a wide range of other accounting services. Our CPAs have vast expertise in tax laws, and we put our services to work to help our clients’ tax liability as low as possible.

link What you need from — and get out of – tax preparation depends on a lot of factors, but the most important is what you want. We have clients who want to shelter their estate so that it passes on to their children unhindered by the government, clients who really need to seek every deduction so that they can move down a tax bracket and save money, and clients who are simply lost in the quagmire of being self-employed in modern America.

visit web page Patterson & Associates starts by finding out what your goals are, then identifying effective strategies to accomplish those goals.

We provide tax preparation services for:

  • • Individuals
  • • Sole proprietorships
  • • Corporations
  • • S-corporations
  • • LLCs
  • • Partnerships
  • • Estates and trusts
  • • Pension plans
  • • Healthcare organizations
  • • Non-profit organizations

Personal Tax Returns

read article File a Personal Tax Return - Click here to schedule an appointment.When it comes to individual tax preparation, it can be as simple as taking the standard deduction for yourself/family, or itemizing, which can become rather complicated. We will first help you decide which is best for you. Chances are, if you have a spouse and children, own a home, and donate to charity, you are probably better off itemizing your deductions, and we will show you which deductions you will qualify for. On the other hand, if you are single and do not own property, you may very well be better off taking the standard deduction. Whatever your circumstances, our advisors will help you determine a tax strategy for you.

Business Tax Returns

File a Business Tax Return - Click here to schedule an appointment.If you are representing a business, non-profit, or trust, Patterson & Associates has a wide variety of services available, including: read more

  • • Tax preparation
  • • Tax planning
  • • Tax compliance
  • • Entity Selection for Start-Ups
  • • Much more…

click at this page When we prepare your taxes, we have a Certified Public Accountant using our own sophisticated software go through the process once, and then a second CPA review the work before we share the results with you. In addition, we require each of our accountants to attend regular continuing education classes to stay current on the latest tax laws and related developments, so we don’t miss an opportunity to save you money.

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